Areál letního kina Špilberk

ŠPILBERGIA fantasy world of amazing acro show

  • 23 june 2024

  • 14:00–22:00

  • Areál letního kina Špilberk

Experience a day in a fantasy world full of aerial acrobatics!

Imagine that under the majestic Špilberk Castle lies the breathtaking fantasy land of Špilbergia, where the sun itself illuminates the magical valley, while the animal and plant kingdoms form a unique ecosystem. After 123 years, the gates of this magical land open to introduce magical beings to the people of the earthly world and bring joy to their hearts.

Welcome to the first year of the Špibergia 2024 festival!

This family festival celebrates acro shows, combines sports and educational education for children, youth and adults. A rich program full of competitions and workshops is prepared for you, such as Aerial Hoop – a hanging circle, Aerial Hammock – acrobatics in a hanging scarf that is attached to an arch like a hammock, pair acrobatics on the ground and much more. Your children will have the opportunity to try these activities under the guidance of professionals and hosting by Jirka Weiner from Brno´s popular Radio Krokodyl. Competitions full of fairy-tale magic are prepared for adults, with the possibility of winning valuable prizes!

Throughout the day, you can look forward not only to a great all-day program, but also to gastronomic delicacies for carnivores and vegans, face painting, a magical photo corner, hair braiding, children’s workshops and even a barber’s chair for dads. The entire festival culminates in an evening show that will draw you into the heart of Špilberia and its people.

Come and experience with your family or friends a magical day full of fantastic acrobatic shows that are inspired by fairy tales and the fantasy world.

Fairies can appear all around you in the form of our hostesses, Grandma Špilbergačka, the local Jóžin z bážiin or Princess Kvetena. Believe that in the magical world of this country, there are no limits to imagination.

Špibergia 2024 is an experience that will captivate you and leave unforgettable memories!


14.00 – opening of the area

15:00 – opening ceremony

15.15 – singing performance / Multicultural center Brusinka

15:35 – 15 minute break

3:50 p.m. – start of workshops including performance on the Hammock scarf / Jana Šálková Aurora dance school

16:30 – 15 min. pause

16.45 – workshop incl. performance at Aerial Hoop / Brno acrobat Saphira Sky

17:30 – 15 min. pause

17.45 – workshop incl. performance / Couple acrobatics on the ground

18.45 – competition for adults / Guess the fairy-tale character

19.15 – free window for partner events

19.30 – break and stage preparation for the main evening program

20:00 – beginning of the evening program

20:35 – break 20 min.

20.55 – start of the second part of the program

21.30 – end of the evening program

22.00 – closing of the area

When the event takes place

23 june 2024 - 14:00–22:00

Entrance fee

Adults290 CZK

Výhodné rodinné vstupné! Slevy pro studenty do 25ti let, držitele karet SCS, ITIC,ZTP, ZTP/P a seniory.

More information and contacts

Areál letního kina Špilberk

Špilberk, 602 00, Brno-střed

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