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  • Univerzitní kino Scala (Scala University Cinema)
    Moravské náměstí 3, 60200 Brno

Serial Killer is the first festival of TV and online serial production in Central and Eastern Europe.

It takes place from 2nd to 5th May 2018 in Brno and will present the most popular contemporary series from all over the world as well as less known projects from Central and Eastern Europe. We offer blood, sweat and tears on the screen and a great party with Czech and foreign celebrities off the screen.

Serial Killer will pick off anybody addicted to (or at least interested in) contemporary serial production (either on TV or on the net). We understand television as a wide platform of audiovisual production which is defined by an uncontrollable desire of viewers to watch it constantly until the very end. And then over again.

Our festival is thus for everybody living or surviving in today´s world. Our grandparents used to run away to their weekend cottages. We (as well as you) shut ourselves away into the world of TV and computer screens. Yes, watching series can be killing the time. But let´s make it something more together.

The Serial Killer festival aims to enable professionals from the film and television industry, academics as well as varied audience to come together and respond to series (not only) from Central and Eastern Europe. We want to give space for a new motivation (or demotivation) in terms of television and web production as well as one´s own lives. We are looking for new ways and approaches to storytelling, unpredictable heroes, original stories and unexpected situations. We are interested in topics with social impact, which arouse controversies and strong spectatorial response. And Brno is full of this.

This South Moravian metropolis is a progressive and attractive city, which becomes more and more popular thanks to its culture, kindness, openness to new things but also its phallic clock, statue of a “horse” or rapidly changing notions of dignity. There are several universities and thousands of their students, as well as high number of successful international companies and start-ups from the field of IT and science in this “Silicon Valley of Central Europe”. All this makes Brno an ideal place for anything, including some unbridled killing of time. Yes, and there is also the Bar Which Does Not Exist.

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2.–5. may 2018

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Univerzitní kino Scala (Scala University Cinema)
Moravské náměstí 3, 60200 Brno

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