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  • Dům umění města Brna
    Malinovského náměstí 2
    Brno 60200

Representation is a concept of the theory of signs. Put simply, it is a relation between two entities – the one that represents, i.e. the representing one, and the one that is represented. It is common to see works of art as signs the meanings of which are subject to an interpretation. If the works of art did not represent anything, it would not be possible to interpret them, they would be about nothing, they would be empty, uninteresting. The starting point for our participation in this year’s exhibition of the FFA graduates is the fact that it is a well-established exhibition of all degree works originated in the given year on the premises of the Faculty. We do not have an ambition to evaluate individual works or regroup them into new categories and give them a thematic coverage. The range of individual departments represented by their studio affiliation and by diversity of their approaches with an emphasis on freedom of expression also predicts the freedom of presentation of these last study works.

When the event takes place

15 july–15 august 2021

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Dům umění města Brna
Malinovského náměstí 2
Brno 60200

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