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Piknik box celebrate its 3rd birthday

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Piknik box in cooperation with the UPROSTŘED Festival will celebrate its 3rd birthday! As part of a programme also: Pavel Fajt, Pavel Koudelka present: Drumming workshop!


🎉Children’s disco

🎉Flea market led by children

🎉Face painting

🎉Drumming workshop by Pavel Fajt, Pavel Koudelka

🎉 drinks from Zázračná limonáda and Bar, který neexistuje

🍩 Is there anyone who doesn’t know Kobliha?😊

🎉pop-up DEBUT

🎉pop-up Domaci Paella – španělské jídlo

🎉ice cream from Čokoládovna Minach

🎉goodies from Nasyp si (offhand)

The festival is being held under the auspices of Ing. Petr Vokřál, mayor of the city of Brno, and the Brno-City District (Městská část Brno-střed).

Admission is free of charge!

13.00 culinary start / pop-up restaurant
13.00 chill-out music
14.00 children’s disco
14.00 flea market led by children
14.00 face painting
15.00 chill-out music
16.00 DRUM PARTY Pavel Fajt, Pavel Koudelka and drumming workshop

Audiovisual recordings and pictures will be taken during the events of UPROSTŘED festival. The visitors agree to give consent with the publication of this material. You can find more about the consent here:

When the event takes place

26 august 2018 - 14:00–18:00

Entrance fee

Free of charge

More information and contacts

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