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Marriage Stories: New Generation

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Manželské etudy: Nová generace
Documentary, CZE, 2019, 91 min, Czech
Director: Hana Třeštíková
Mirka and Kuba met at a techno party, lived together for six years in the city, and when Mirka got pregnant they decided to get married. After the baby is born they buy a house and move out of the city. Their carefree life is supplanted by the responsibilities of raising a child, paying off a mortgage, financial stress and a crisis in their relationship. Director Hana Třeštíková tracked the first seven years of their married life, observing how Mirka and Kuba’s characters develop and change and how they deal with difficult obstacles. The film follows on the work of Hana’s mother, Helena Třeštíková, who observed married couples in Czechoslovakia over a thirty-year period during the socialist era and after the fall of Communism. Although the new generation is not affected by an oppressive regime and lives in a fully democratic society, it is not clear that this setting makes its journey towards a happy family life any easier.

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1. july 2019 - 21:30

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