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His Czech was poor. On arrival he was silent, inhibited, insular. Later he gradually adapted, and made some contact. Unfamiliar with basic concepts, he does not even know how to listen to a fairy tale or recognize colors. He lacks basic hygiene habits. Sometimes very affectionate. At other times truculent. He lacks self control and is impulsive. He is usually alone and behaves aggressively towards the other children. These bouts are often followed by great shows of overbearing affection and pampering, to the point of discomfort. He does not understand the rules to games. But nonetheless interferes and spoils them for the others. He demands attention and when he does not get it he imposes himself and clamors in an undisciplined manner. He is too familiar. He has an apathetic look which is at the same time sly. On June 11th he insisted on telling his story. He tried to finish it even though he did not have permission to speak. Repeated admonished. He continued to speak. To finish his story. He grabbed hold of adults and forced them to listen. He raised his voice. When he is severely reprimanded he responds with foul language. He refuses to accept punishment. He is uncooperative and arrogant. An outsider. A gypsy.

When the event takes place

22 february 2022 - 18:00

Entrance fee

Adults50 CZK
Students50 CZK
Seniors50 CZK

More information and contacts

Kino Art / Malý sál
Cihlářská 19, Brno

Kino Art / Malý sál

775 868 826

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