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Last Year at Marienbad

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  • Kino Art / Velký sál

During a social meeting at a picturesque and cavernous château with wonderfully ornate rooms, high ceilings and a fine collection of artwork, “X”, an enigmatic charming man, approaches “A”, an alluring woman, with the intention to convince her that they are not strangers. As a matter of fact, “X” insists that they met the year before at the Czech spa-town of Marienbad, however, the perplexed woman simply has no recollection of their covert romantic encounter. In the end, is “X” telling the truth, furthermore, what really happened last year at Marienbad?

When the event takes place

16 september 2020 - 20:30

Entrance fee

Adults130 CZK
Students110 CZK
Seniors110 CZK

More information and contacts

Kino Art / Velký sál
Cihlářská 19, Brno

Kino Art / Velký sál

775 868 826

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