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KOMA International Comics Festival

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  • Hybešova 1, 602 00 Brno

KOMA, the first comic festival in Brno, presents contemporary comic production. Comic initiatives in Brno, KOMIXXX – Šaufenstr Gallery – Aargh! Magazine, join together to present different forms of comic and contemporary art as two interconnected worlds.

KOMA Festival brings exhibitions, live painting, art installations, film sceenings, workshops, comicbook market, concerts, theatre, storytelling and many more.

The 5th International Comic Festival KOMA brings up the topic of MILESTONES.

We are approaching a breaking point after which nothing will suddenly transform, but rather the established paradigms will gain a new context leading to a gradual and overal transition. Every human life and society has its own milestones. They can come from simple situations, interactions or performances, first seen as mundane just to become singular and vital. The peculiar fungus Penicillium can be a milestone, just as the connection of text in a single link (hypertext). It can be an ingenious idea put on a paper. Paper itself can be considered a milestone.

Only after living through a significant transition we can reflect its importance. Once a society is a wise one, it can learn from its milestones. Therefore, a milestone is also a rebirth. Something vanishes for something to rise.


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10.–13. october 2019

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Malá Amerika

Hybešova 1, 602 00 Brno

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