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The thematic sections are devoted in more detail to individual building styles, famous personalities and Brno specifics. We offer them in cooperation with guides who are members of the Association of Guides of the Czech Republic. The length of the thematic tours is always 2 hours – unless otherwise stated.

A total of 15 thematic areas offer a broad and interesting mix of topics, covering culture, art, gastronomy, history, science, churches and more.

The date of the tour depends on the time availability of the guide, so we recommend booking these tours at least two weeks before the requested date.

Brno 100 years ago

In 2019, we commemorated 100 years since the creation of the so-called Greater Brno by annexing two dozen suburban municipalities. During this tour, you will learn what the centre looked like 100 years ago when New Brno was the sixth most populous city in the Danube monarchy.

Among the Brno statues

During this walk, your guide will gradually show you several major and minor statues that stand in the city streets or parks.

Personalities from memorial plaques

During the walk, we will get to know the colourful fates of people who were engaged in very diverse activities and influenced the society not only in Brno.

Brno natives famous at home and abroad

The guide will take you to buildings associated with important personalities who were born in Brno and later became famous at home and in the world. It will remind you of well-known names, especially in the field of culture and architecture.

Brno theatre and music

If you choose this walk, the guide will show you where Brno’s theatres are located and talk about their history and personalities associated with the Brno theatre scene. You will learn that the Reduta Theatre is the oldest theatre building in Europe, while the Mahen Theatre boasts that it was the first fully electrically lit theatre in Europe. The guide will also mention the Janáček Brno and Theatre World Brno festivals.

In the footsteps of Leoš Janáček

A thematic walk with a tour of Brno’s locations and buildings where Janáček lived, composed, conducted, taught, premiered his works, walked, met friends, etc.

Gregor Johann Mendel – scientist and abbot

A walk dedicated to G. J. Mendel – a great personality of whom the city of Brno is rightly proud. You will learn about his work among the Augustinians in Old Brno and about his scientific activities. The tour will also include a visit to a museum, either the Moravian Museum, which houses the Mendelianum exhibition, or the Museum of Old Brno Abbey. The entrance fee is not included in the price of the tour.

Little things in the centre of Brno

Do you usually walk through the city in a hurry and do not have time to raise your head or just look at the pavement? Take a walk with us and look at the little things we usually overlook. Your guide will point out reliefs, statues, portals, memorial plaques.

Churches in the centre of Brno

This route will line the churches in the city centre. You will only see some from the outside. You will be able to enter others, sit and contemplate there for a while. We will look into St Peter and Paul Cathedral, pass the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross, St Mary Magdalene and St John’s Church.

Where to go for good food and drink

During this walk, the guide will introduce you to restaurants, cafes and bars that are very popular with locals and foreign tourists. It will remind you of restaurants, pubs and eateries that have disappeared or highlight those that have been operating in Brno for several decades.

Brno cafés past and present

Café Savoy, Café Spranz, Bricht’s café, Bellevue, Esplanade… These are just some of the once-famous cafés. Where did they stand? Who liked to go to them? How did they disappear, or how have they changed? Find out if you take this walk.

How a French Colonel Defended the City of Brno from the Swedes

Take a walk through the city following the traces of the defence of Brno against the Swedes in 1645. You will find out, among other things, why we celebrate Brno Day, how the Swedes came to Moravia and why a Frenchman from La Rochelle was elected commander of the city. You will learn how the city was defended, which places were attacked the most and that a bridge is about to be inaugurated in France, which will be named after the commander of Brno.

Brno in the Baroque Era

Come and see Brno’s monuments from this significant era of European architecture. You will walk through the public spaces and look behind the facades of houses and churches and get to know the way of life in this era.

Art Nouveau in the city centre

During this tour, you will get acquainted with Art Nouveau buildings that are still admired today. You will see many Art Nouveau facades of houses built on the sites of those that were demolished as part of the Brno redevelopment. This took place in 1896-1904 and was the beginning of a new stage in the construction of modern Brno.

Functionalism in the centre of Brno

The city of Brno is full of functionalist monuments and buildings. Come and see at least some of them – the former Moravian Bank, the Brouk and Babka department store, the Alfa Palace, the Avion Hotel, the Baťa department store, the City Accommodation Office building, the station post office, the Savoy café.


Number of people  2 hours 3 hours
group up to 4 people 1000 Kč / 42 EUR 1400 Kč / 58 EUR
5 – 14 people in the group 1400 Kč / 58 EUR 1800 Kč / 75 EUR
15-24 people in the group 1800 Kč / 75 EUR 2300 Kč / 96 EUR
25-45 people in the group 2300 Kč / 96 EUR 2900 Kč / 121 EUR

The prices are for the whole group and do not include entrance fees.

Duration of tours: 2 hours (unless otherwise stated)
Meeting place: in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall or another place in the city centre by appointment
The number of persons: max. 45
Payment: on the day of the tour in cash or by card at the information centre at the Old Town Hall, Radnická 8 or by invoice

Cancellation policy:

3 days before the date, 50% of the price

One day before the date and less, 100 % of the price


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