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The iconic queer filmmaker Monika Treut returns to the protagonists of her groundbreaking documentary Gendernauts (1999), which followed the transgender movement in the vibrant San Francisco of the 1990s. Some of them had to leave the metropolis, which has become a technological superpower with the second highest rent in the world; others have stayed. They do, however, have one thing in common: despite the world and their priorities having dramatically changed in the last 20 years, their desire to dismantle the traditional social structures has remained unbroken, just like their dream of a fair world where all people can live freely, regardless of their gender identity. Through sensitively conducted interviews and spontaneous discussions, Genderation addresses the highly relevant topics of LGBTQ+ rights, ecological activism, and the effort to spend old age well.

When the event takes place

16 november 2021 - 18:00

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Adults130 CZK

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Kino Art / Velký sál
Cihlářská 19, Brno

Kino Art / Velký sál

775 868 826

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