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On the second day of a carefree vacation at a luxurious ski resort in the snow-capped French Alps, the Swedish family of the busy father, Tomas; his devoted wife, Ebba, and their two kids, Vera and Harry, come face-to-face with a skier’s worst fear: a sudden and mighty avalanche. As the towering tsunami of white terror rapidly closes in an outdoor restaurant and its blissful clientele, an instinctual, yet unforgivable act of self-preservation will pave the way for a swift and irremediable disenchantment. Now, it’s Tomas who is under the spotlight, as, more and more, trust–the very essence of their well-organised life–silently crumbles to dust. Will Tomas ever bounce back?

When the event takes place

6 may 2021 - 18:30

Entrance fee

Adults100 CZK

More information and contacts

Projekce online

Projekce online

775 868 826

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