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Moravian Square (Moravské náměstí)

Efemér a Hana Kubešová uvádí: Mámě Marii k svátku

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  • Moravské náměstí
    Brno 60200

Efemér and Hana Kubešová present: To Mother Mary for her name day – production of postnatal maternal cloth inspired by the Cult of Mary.

On August 15, our ancestors commemorated an important Assumption Day. Virgin Mary, Mother of God, has become a major theme of popular piety since the 17th century. People pleaded her for interceding for them before God, she became their Protector, the Queen, embodiment of motherhood. And it’s precisely this theme that interests us.

The theme of motherhood, inspired by Marian symbolism and Czech tradition. In the past, when the entire generations lived together in one house, the woman’s bed was during her postnatal period placed in the corner and hidden behind a curtain for greater comfort and privacy. The curtain was called the corner cloth and it was supposedly filled with protection magical power. Women embroidered and decorated it for months.

We will talk about all of that, visit churches, get inspiration, and start creating the contemporary corner cloth. For everyone who has children and wants some time alone, or simply create it and give it to a friend. And to top it all off, Efemér will supply us with Marian flowers.

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When the event takes place

15 august 2018 - 16:00–20:00

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Free of charge

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Moravské náměstí
Brno 60200

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