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Edmar Castañeda & Grégoire Maret “HARP vs HARP”

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  • Filharmonie Brno – Besední dům Komenského nám. 534/8 Brno 60200

Harmonica player Grégoire Maret, born in Geneva in Switzerland and harpist Edmar Castañeda from Bogota in Colombia are two remarkable musicians. The strong musical affinity between them that comes across so vividly in “Harp vs. Harp” is no accident, not least because their backstories are so uncannily similar. Each of them came from his respective country as a callow teenager and settled in New York. They have not merely survived, each individually, in the often unforgiving creative cauldron of New York’s musical life; each has established a reputation at the absolute top of the game, working on a regular, long-term basis with the best in the business. Each of them has re-written the rule-book for his respective instrument, both of them unusual in jazz; Castañeda and Maret have re-defined what the harp and the harmonica are capable of.



Edmar Castaneda arpa llanera

Grégoire Maret harmonica

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22 march 2022 - 19:00

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Filharmonie Brno – Besední dům Komenského nám. 534/8 Brno 60200

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