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Cafe in the Dark (Kavárna POTMĚ)

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Cafe in the Dark introduces the world of the blind to the seeing and presents them in a different role – people the sighted in a cafe are dependent on and can rely on to move around in the dark.

Don’t hesitate to visit the cafe as the bus is on its final tour this year, so don’t miss out on the last chance to visit.

We invite you to visit this unique bus cafe that will be open from 16 to 18 (and maybe even 19) May. The cafe has blind servers, and its profits go to Světluška to support blind kids and adults with severe visual impairments.

The bus opens its doors to those who want to be transported to the world of the blind and have a cup of coffee in complete darkness. At Cafe in the Dark, you’ll be taken care of by blind servers who will sit you at a table and offer coffee and other hot and cold beverages. You’ll also get a mug with the Světluška logo as a gift.

If you don’t manage a visit to the cafe, you can also support Světluška by sending a gift to its fundraising account 99999 99999/0100 or sending an SMS with the text DMS SVETLUSKA 60 or DMS TRV SVETLUSKA 60 to 87 777.

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When the event takes place

16 may 2019 - 16:00
17 may 2019 - 11:00

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