Výstaviště Brno (Brno Exhibition Centre)

Brno folklorní (Brno Folklore)

  • 9 -10. JUNE 2018

  • #brnoslavirepubliku

  • Výstaviště Brno (Brno Exhibition Centre)
    Výstaviště 405/1

Differences and similarities in folk music in successor countries of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

During one weekend, Folklore Brno will show its visitors the differences between folklore music, dance, and clothes in the ten successor countries established after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Besides participants from Moravia, Bohemia and Slovakia, ensembles from Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, the Ukraine, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Poland will perform at the Festival. The organizers, including Jiří Plocek, Zlata Potyková, Milan Zelinka, and Józef Szigetvári, will focus on the aspects in which the countries resonate with one another, as well as those in which they differ.

Is there a difference between folklore dances in Moravia, Bohemia, and Slovakia? And how do they compare with Hungary or the Ukraine? How do people sing in Croatia or Italy – countries we spend our summer vacations in? Find out during the folklore weekend. Come have fun and maybe sing or dance a little!

  • Two days full of folklore
  • Music, dancing, folk costumes
  • Traditions of ten countries in one place

This project is organized by the Society for Folklore Traditions (Společnost pro lidové tradice, z.s.) which groups adults, children and youths with the aim of maintaining folklore traditions and the folklore of the nationalities living in the Czech Republic. It helps maintain and spread folklore traditions not only in the South Moravian region but also across the entire Czech Republic and abroad.


The event belongs to the RE:PUBLIKA Festival.

For years, we lived side by side. People from a large part of Europe. Even when we didn’t know it, we influenced one another’s lives and also grew apart. One hundred years ago, the Austro-Hungarian Empire fell apart and ten independent countries succeeded it. How do we differ and in which moments are we similar in our ‘ordinary lives’? That’s one of the ideas we’re attempting to get at in the Brno Folklore programme as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of an independent Czechoslovakia

Milan Zelinka Společnost pro lidové tradice, z.s.

When the event takes place

9 june 2018
10 june 2018

More information and contacts

Výstaviště Brno (Brno Exhibition Centre)
Výstaviště 405/1
Brno 60300


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