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WHEN: Sundays
WHAT TIME: 5:00 – 6:15 PM
WHERE: Vinařství Bukovský at Úvoz 4 in Brno next to Mendlovo náměstí
FORM OF COURSE: 8 x 75 min lesson
PRICE: 1350 Kč (regular Wednesday practice included – for free)
REGISTRATION:, tel. 722-650-687
You can register solo or in couple. It is also possible to try just 1 lesson.

About us:
We dance Argentinian tango for the pleasure it brings to us. Regular travels to Buenos Aires help us to absorb local atmosphere and cultivate our technique and style. We participate in tango marathons and festivals in Europe and attend workshops of different Argentinian teachers in the Czech Republic. Our mentors are Patricie and Javier Antar from Argentina, currently teaching in Prague ( We would like to pass our experiences obtained so far on you 😉
Eva Medvecká: in the role of \”leader\” and \”follower\”
Barbora Kubíková: in the role of „follower“
Petr Polák: in the role of \”leader\”


Our vision:
We would like to spread tango community in Brno and get new dancers whose dance will be based on leading and following and thus offer an alternative of Argentinian tango based on natural movements and improvisation.
We also organize regular practices, workshops with Argentinian lectors and regular tango café / milonga.

What to expect from our lessons:
We teach the technique called „tangonexion“, that offers complex exercises to master this type of dance and enables everyone disregarding of age or previous experiences to understand theory and practice of Argentinian tango from basic steps.
Each lesson starts with warming-up, followed by an individual exercise and practice in couples. Dancing etiquette so-called códigos is also part of the lesson.

What to bring with you for a lesson:
For the ladies – socks thick enough that enable rotation on toes (simply the ones that slide easily). For the guys – common socks are enough as they rotate less. Concerning the dress-code, give your preference to comfort rather than aesthetics, there is a changing room available. Examples for the ladies: skirt /leggings / dress; examples for gentlemen: jeans/ trousers and T-shirt.
PS: If you have dancing shoes at home, leave them there for now. In the course for beginners we work mostly with our own balance and for that it is essential to feel the floor and have a conscious bare-foot – floor contact.

Why at least to try tango:
Tango helps you with more sensible perception of yourself and the others. It brings a new physical experience and pleasant feeling of movement. It can be a suitable activity for everybody wishing to move himself/herself more and for those, who like to communicate with other people. By dancing tango you can observe a parallel between dance relations and other relations in common life, so via movement you can improve other aspects in your personal life where you feel less confidence (trust, dominance, submissiveness…) and thus gently cultivate your performance also outside the dance floor.

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When the event takes place

6. january–24. february 2019

Entrance fee

kurz: 1350 Kč (v ceně volný vstup na středeční praktiku); 200 Kč jedna lekce

Adults200 CZK

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Vinařství Bukovský

Vinařství Bukovský

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