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The 49th edition of EKOFILM is on the horizon! Prepare for Europe’s oldest environmental film festival, which will take you into a world of cutting-edge documentaries, inspiring workshops, lectures and discussions with experts and personalities from various fields. The festival’s family day at the Brno Zoo will also be exceptional, with special programmes at VIDA! Science Centre and concerts.

This year’s theme, “You can’t do without water,” emphasises the importance of water as the essential element of life. Come and discover how we can work together to ensure sustainable water use for all. And what’s the best part? Most of the events are free!

Before the official start of the festival, the festival will kick off with a discussion on Tuesday featuring Environment Minister Petr Hladik with prominent people of the upcoming generation. Immediately afterwards, you can enjoy an opening concert with Jan Bendig.

From Friday to Sunday, the film screening venues will open their doors – this year, it will be the Art Cinema, CinemaCity in Velké Špalíček and the hall of the City Hall of the Brno-Central district, where you will be able to enjoy the competition films.

You will hear exciting opinions at the Faculty of Social Studies. You can come with us to CzechGlobe, the Arboretum of Mendel University. You can go with the whole family to the Brno Zoo for a discounted admission fee, where we will prepare a route with challenges and a reward at the end, and there will be Bob and Bobek and other famous characters you know from Czech TV.


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