Confused about which Brno municipality is which?

Once again, Brno Christmas is about knitted products and its colours represent Christmas and the city of Brno. Last year’s patterns were inspired by famous Brno icons such as the astronomical clock at náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square) or Jobst of Moravia riding his tall horse, while this year the motifs go beyond the city centre and denote the various neighbourhoods and municipalities of Brno.

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In the autumn, TIC BRNO asked Brno municipalities and their inhabitants to propose a motif characterizing their locations. The winning motifs were selected through online voting and are reflected by the 29 knitted patterns used for this year’s Brno Christmas.

The knitted patterns that entertained and warmed you up last year were designed by members of NEON STUDIO. These typical Christmas visuals are a symbol of warmth, family as well as friendship, and their red-and-white design reflects the Christmas atmosphere as well as the official colours of the city of Brno.