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Second honeymoon in Brno

Sure, the quarantine may have given you a chance to spend more than enough time with your significant other, but that’s all the more reason to pack a bag and head to Brno – to celebrate your relationship surviving it all!

Someone said romance is dead? Well, they’ve clearly never been to Brno!

DAY 1 – Enchanted by the interwar bourgeoisie

Every city has its #1 must-see, and in Brno that’s definitely Villa Tugendhat. And that’s why the tickets to the villa are so incredibly hard to get. If you didn’t plan your visit at least six month ago, there was zero chance of getting into the villa.

Until recently, that is. Now, thanks to our BRNOPAS card, you can get in without a problem, because we’ve already booked some tickets for you.

Funkcionalistická Vila Tugendhat v Brně, památka UNESCO. Villa Tugendhat Photo: David Židlický

But even if you don’t make it into the villa, its garden is definitely worth visiting. The grounds offer a breath-taking chance to absorb the interwar atmosphere surrounding the villa. You’ll also be able to identify with characters from The Glass Room or even play the movie of the same name and say “We were just there!” (Look here for more examples of places in Brno that drew the attention of filmmakers.) Admission to the garden is a pleasant sum of 50 CZK (around 2 euro), so you can then easily spoil yourselves in the nearby functionalist ERA café. Have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and read an article about how it works behind the scenes at the famous villa.

ERA café Photo: Studio Flusser

If you enjoyed the story of the Tugendhat family, make sure not to miss the Art Nouveau Villa Löw-Beer, which belonged to the generous parents of Mrs. Tugendhat. The local permanent exposition named The World of the Brno Bourgeoisie around the Löw-Beers and Tugendhats will teach you a lot of interesting facts about architecture and mainly about the life of the elite at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Villa Löw-Beer Photo: TIC BRNO

After visiting the villas, you’re sure to feel like some industry tycoons from Brno, which calls for a luxurious lunch. At the nearby Schodová stop, get on bus No. 67 and get off in five minutes at Malinovský Square (Malinovského náměstí) right in front of the Mahen Theatre (Mahenovo divadlo). Of course, you may be feeling ritzy enough to just take a taxi, but don’t forget that with our BRNOPAS, city transportation is free for you. From the theatre, go to the Brno House of Arts (Dům umění města Brna). Wait a minute – what happened to lunch? Don’t worry! In the Brno House of Arts, you’ll not only find jewels of contemporary arts but also the finalist of the Fine Dining Gourmet Brno 2019 category – the Kohout NA VÍNĚ restaurant!

restaurace Kohout Na víně v Brně the Kohout NA VÍNĚ restaurant Photo: Kohout na víně

If the weather’s not exactly favourable, why not visit an exhibition when you’re already there? If the weather is nice, though, take a short tour of the city centre. Ideally, go straight to the Vegetable Market (Zelný trh) and enjoy some vegan ice-cream (supposed to be healthy, right?). And you can burn off the extra calories on your walk up the hill to the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. Take a rest on a bench in the Denis Gardens (Denisovy sady) (maybe the Václav Havel bench?) and then climb the 173 stairs to the top of the Old Town Hall tower to enjoy the view of Brno from high above. This climb is great for several reasons: you’ll learn why the small tower in the middle is crooked, you’ll see Brno from high above, it’s all for free with BRNOPAS, and you don’t have to worry about going to the gym the next day. In fact, you can even order a dessert after dinner. The Old Town Hall tower is also home to the Tourist Information Centre “Under the Crocodile”, where you can get all the information and materials for your adventures in Brno.

Vegetable Market (Zelný trh) – look for this cart selling vegan ice-cream Photo: Pavel Gabzdyl

DAY 2 – Vacation is about getting some rest

Note: bring your own blanket, book, and a swimming suit

You learnt a lot about Brno yesterday, right? So take it easy today and relax. And what better place in Brno than at the Brno Dam! If you ask the locals how to get there and they just stare at you in disbelief, try asking for Prygl. However, the safest bet is the brochure by TIC BRNO that you can get at its information centres or easily download into your smart devices.

Brno Dam Photo: Monika Hlaváčová, Pocket media s.r.o.

After arriving at the Wharf (Přístaviště) stop, take a walk to the water. If you enjoy construction technology, check out the dam and admire the skills of its builders. If you are rather competitive, challenge your partner to a mini-tournament of miniature golf. The loser buys lunch!

Brno Dam Photo: Michal Růžička

After lunch, go to the wharf and catch a boat (departures every 45 minutes) to enjoy the view of the dam right from the water. You can get as far as to the Veveří Castle, but don’t forget you came here to relax so get off at the Sokolské koupaliště stop, lie down, and read a favourite book or, better, that book about Brno that you bought at the infocentre the day before. And anyone who likes to be extra prepared for their trips can order this and many other books from the (Gifts from Brno) online shop. If you get thirsty when reading, you can always get a drink at a nearby pub.

Brno Dam Photo: Jan Cága

Once you get tired of sunbathing, visit the Maximus resort, located a mere 800 metres from the beach. Get in the swimming pool or whirlpool, and once your fingers get wrinkly, it’ll be time to explore the Sauna World, with its 12 types of indoor as well as outdoor saunas. Pretty nice, right? If you can, try to make it for what’s called a sauna ritual and then relax in a deckchair by the fireplace. Those who really want to spoil themselves can even book a massage beforehand or even a private whirlpool or a Bali-style bath.

Infinit Maximus – Finnish sauna at the lake Photo: Infinit Maximus Resort

What a day, right? Now it’s time for a romantic dinner right at Maximus or take a shuttle bus to the Přístaviště stop and go downtown for dinner. Brno is simply a paradise for hedonists! For tips on the best places in town, check out the portal of GOURMET BRNO, an independent guide to Brno pubs and restaurants.

restaurace Castellana Trattoria v Brně restaurace Castellana Trattoria foto: restaurace Castellana Trattoria

DAY 3 – People do not live by bread alone – the same goes for enjoying culture in Brno

Yesterday you relaxed hard, so this morning you wake up all rested and ready for more experiences. And today is about culture.

Ideally, theatre and classical music enthusiasts should make Leoš Janáček himself their guide and simply follow local places related to his life. You can get a book or a guided tour, both at TIC BRNO. The tour will also take you to the popular Stopkova plzeňská pivnice, a well-liked gastropub serving traditional Czech meals.

Finishing a day like this at a theatre – can it get any more stylish? And you’re in luck! Brno is all about theatre during summer holidays, with open-air stages at the Špilberk Castle, where you can attend an opera or Shakespearean Festival, and at Bishop’s Courtyard (Biskupský dvůr), where both the Brno City Theatre and the Bolek Polívka Theatre perform. In addition, the National Theatre Brno has prepared a special Summer Offer for you. After the performance, give in to temptation and head to one of Brno’s renowned bars, as a cocktail always makes for a good date! 

spilberk-filharmonie-brno Summer Stage at the Špilberk Castle Photo: Filharmonie Brno

Brno is also a great place for film and series enthusiasts, as a number of Czech films have been shot here. Just check out this guide!

The Inheritance (Dědictví aneb Kurvahošigutentág)

Don’t forget to book tickets at ART Cinema, where you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer at its cosy café or outdoor seating and spend hours discussing what the director’s artistic intention actually was. Or you can go to the Scala University Cinema and then get absorbed in the bustling atmosphere on Moravian (Moravské) and Saint James’s (Jakubské) squares. Careful, though! Most people end up sitting on the ground when drinking beer there. And if the weather is nice, make sure to catch a movie at a local outdoor cinema (here’s a list). No matter which one you choose, the starry sky will make sure your night is very romantic.

letni-kino-spilberk Outdoor Cinema at the Špilberk Castle


On your way home, don’t forget to take a memorable Brno selfie under the statue of Jobst of Moravia at Moravian Square (Moravské náměstí). Well, just like the couple above. That’s a proper second honeymoon!

Saint James’s Square (Jakubské náměstí) at Night Photo: Pavel Gabzdyl


During summer, the city centre is pulsating with cultural events, so make sure to check out the programs of the UprostředMendel Festival, and Brno Music Marathon festivals! Dancing with your loved one, being loudly cheered on by your kids… It can’t get more romantic than that!

Uprostřed Festival at the Courtyard of the Old Town Hall

DAY 4 – See Brno from above or a bit of adrenaline never killed anyone

The good people of Brno like to have fun and take live easy, as shown by the statues “embellishing” local squares as well as by their easy-going attitude and the fact that they always find a moment to have a cup of coffee. Just grab the THIS IS: Coffee in Brno brochure and explore the diverse world of local cafés. If you’re worried about overdosing on caffeine, don’t – just order a glass of wine or beer instead. After all, this is Moravia, and you’re on vacation!

Café Tungsram at Capuchin Square (Kapucínské náměstí) Photo: Statutory City of Brno

Besides, you’ll need something to boost your courage, since after a quick lunch at a cool bistro (there are so many of them here!), you’ll get to see the city from a bird’s eye view – from a hot-air balloon. Brno is simply ideal for this kind of activity, being a big city and boasting a dam, the Veveří and Špilberk castles, and a number of churches, and being both full of and surrounded by nature. You can book your flight for example here, as these guys are experienced professionals. Now is the time to become real heroes of your stories!

The view from above will give you a good look at the surroundings of Brno as well and maybe even give you some ideas for trips to take in the days to come; you know, it would be a shame not to explore the South Moravian Region when in Brno.

Recommended trips:

Kounicko a Ivančicko – víno, chřest a rozmarné léto (Kounice and Ivančice regions – wine, asparagus, and a great summer) – romantic cycling (Rosa Coeli in Dolní Kounice, wine, asparagus, an observation tower, a river, and Ivančice)

Za vínem s vinobusem (Tour de Wine) – sightseeing tour through the region of Znojmo and a wine tasting

More tips for trips in South Moravia here.

Rosa Coeli Monastery in Dolní Kounice

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