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Never-ending chill in Brno

Let’s be honest here: Brno is no New York, but you will find bars here that New York Times wrote about. Brno is no Paris, but you will find here stores with great fashion. Brno is no Brussels, but it is home to the best French fries in a paper cone. Brno is no Copenhagen, but is very well-known for its minimalist design and purity.

And, most importantly, Brno is no major tourist destination, so coming here will automatically elevate you to trendsetter status in your “bubble”.

DAY 1 – Villa Tugendhat is so last season

Getting bored of all the photos of your friends taken in Villa Tugendhat? Or have you already been there yourself? Change it up a bit and be the first of your friends to visit the purist, romantic Villa Stiassni, designed by famous architect Ernst Wiesner. For added effect, try to avoid any information about it before your visit, especially anything related to its interiors. This way it will take you completely by surprise – you won’t regret it. Guided tours take place every hour and the villa is open from Friday to Monday.

vila Stiassni v Brně, foto: RAKO Lasselsberger Villa Stiassni Photo: RAKO Lasselsberger

Unlike with Villa Tugendhat, Villa Stiassni is easy to get inside and the story that surrounds it is just as fascinating. Just like Tugendhat, its owners were prominent Jewish textile industry tycoons who helped turn Brno into Moravian Manchester, as the city was nicknamed. After visiting the villa and the generous garden, keep following the Moravian Manchester trail.

Just check out the online Go to Brno’s Moravian Manchester trail, which will take you to 12 places and tell you more about the history, great personalities, and places related to this phenomenon. This trail is brand new and you will look so smart at the next party or date. #notjustaprettyface

Villa Low-Beer, part of the Moravian Manchester trail

If you want to dive into this topic, stop by at the nearest bookshop and buy the book by local author Kateřina Tučková that this trail was inspired by. If you don’t need too many details, just buy the book by TIC Brno THIS IS BRNO 1 with single chapter about it, written by Tučková herself. And don’t let your taste buds feel neglected, either – stop for a bite at any of the cool, local bistros; get inspired in the Gourmet Brno 2019 guide!



For a truly industrial experience, fill up on caffeine at Industra Coffee, based on the premises of a former freezing plant at Masná 9. Not only will you enjoy a cup of excellent coffee, but you’ll also learn a lot about it. We’ve said it before but #notjustaprettyface.

kavárna industra coffee v Brně Industra Coffee


If you come to Brno with friends, definitely try out the Moravian Manchester game and have a lot of fun exploring historic parts of the city.

DAY 2 – Experience the night out in Brno

Everybody knows that getting ready for a night out shouldn’t be underestimated. And even though Brno is so laid back, you can easily walk into one of its famous bars in a track suit, it’s still better to pay some attention to your outfit.

There are lot of local design shops, so why not go for a hunt there? Choose THIS IS: Designer Pieces from Brno as your guide and you will be the star of the night for sure! Download it or pick it up for free at the infocentres.

You can become part of a gang in unisex, simple Wolfgang store or get something super colorful and crazy comfy in Pura Vida Atelier. Are you more into classy look? Then definitely check out slow fashion vintage inspired brand Reparáda and finish your outfit with accessories like walking stick and hat from Hůlkárna. #shoppingisthenewexploring

THIS IS: Designer Pieces from Brno brochure – for free at information centres

Of course, don’t forget about your loved ones and buy some original gifts from Brno for them at the IC TO JE Brno on Panenská Street, ranging from tasteful postcards for your grandparents to fun keyrings for your colleagues and friends. And if your luggage isn’t big enough for all of them (or you just forgot to buy them), don’t worry and order them comfortably from home at

Shopping bag, #zBrna (from Brno) collection Photo: TIC BRNO

While your outfit is super important you should not forget about your plan for the evenning. Check out what is going on in the city and HAVE FUN IN BRNO.

Although to be completely ownest just the bars are more than enough of a plan. There’s quite number of options, no matter if you prefer classic stuff in the style of Bar, který neexistuje (Bar which doesn’t exist), you like to commit some gin-flavoured sins at  7 hříchů café & gin bar or do some experimenting at Super Panda Circus. No way you’ll get bored in Brno! Check out the best bars in Brno and mix your own bar experience.

If you catch the Saturday (or even Thursday) night fever, pick a night club you’d like, such as the classic Metro Music Bar, alternative Kabinet Múz or the LGBTQ+ friendly Lemon Music Club. Great memories guaranteed!

bar Super Panda Circus v Brně Bar Super Panda Circus


DAY 3 – Starring role: Hangover

Didn’t make it to the breakfast at the hotel because it was only served till 10.30 am? Don’t worry! Take a shower and go out for a brunch, ideally to 4pokoje (4rooms). If their coffee and eggs Benedict fail to fix you, ask the kind stuff for a drink. Did somebody said Mimosa?

Does the place look familiar? Well, this may be where you had your last drink in the morning, as this place is open almost 24/7. Stay calm, no violations of the Labour Code here, so these guys aren’t the ones that served you drinks at your previous visit not so long ago.

4pokoje Photo: Statutární město Brno

If you sleep in so long that you even miss brunchtime, that’s ok too. There’s nothing like a proper Mexican burrito to cure your hangover, and Bistro Bastardo is the place to go for those. And practically anything on their menu goes great with a chilled Corona. #hangoverhumourallowed

Bistro Bastardo Bistro Bastardo

Take it easy for the rest of the day, make a tour de cafés with THIS IS: COFFEE IN BRNO and discover the magic of Brno’s outdoor seating wraped in blankets or forget about the sins of the previous night while you sweat it all out in a sauna. In the very centre, there’s Saunia, a sauna paradise, on the top floor of the distinctive Letmo shopping mall, with a great view of Brno.

Capuchin Square (Kapucínské náměstí) – Café Tungsram and Café Pilát Photo: Statutární město Brno

For tonight, don’t forget to book tickets for the ART Cinema. After the film, you can spend hours discussing the director’s artistic intention over a glass of wine or beer at its cosy café or outdoor seating. Or you can go to the Scala University Cinema and, after the film, get absorbed by the busy social life on Moravian (Moravské) or Saint James’s (Jakubské) Squares. Careful, though! Most likely you’ll end up sitting on the ground drinking beer just like everybody else. Have you also read that article that beer is the best medicine for hangover?

Kino Art v Brně Outdoor seating at the Art Cinema Photo: Kino Art

DAY 4 – Ring! Ring! Who’s that? Guilt is calling a.k.a. your mom will want to see some photos

Well, you may feel a bit down after wasting the previous day away. On the other hand, this is your vacation, so spend it doing exactly what you want to do. Unfortunately, you told your parents and grandparents about your trip, so they’ll want to see some photos next time you see each other. A selfie with a sixth drink may not be the one to lead the slideshow with, so take some proper photos for your parents today.

If you decide to explore the city by bike, you’ll not only feel like you’re in Amsterdam, but you’ll also get a bit of exercise. The easiest way is to download the Nextbike app which allows you to choose from 750 bicycles all over Brno, or you can hop on a pink Rekola bike.

Socha Jošta na Moravském náměstí v Brně Ride your bicycle right under the statue of Jobst to take a selfie. Only don’t send it to your mom, not this one. Photo: Pavel Gabzdyl

As you are already riding a bicycle, why not take the long tour of Brno and visit all the must-see places, such as the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Špilberk Castle, churches as well as statues worth admiring from various angles.

Long tour of Brno

Hrad Špilberk v Brně v létě. Špilberk Castle Photo: Pavel Gabzdyl

One of the symbols of Brno – called a clock machine (or astronomical clock, which is what the locals will try to make you believe it is) – on Freedom Square (Náměstí Svobody) is a place to rack your brains. You may be confused to see no clock there whatsoever, so let us tell you it’s the tall black BULLET-SHAPED thing! And the first one to guess what time it shows won’t have to pay for their lunch. There are instructions that may or may not help you…

Clock machine

Multifunkční hodinový stroj, orloj či časostroj, Clock machine on Freedom Square Photo: Pavel Gabzdyl


We definitely reccommend to plan your visit of the Clock Machine at 11 a.m. You will be able to watch rather bizzare catching of a glass marble and if you come around 10.30 you can even become part of this! Just put your hand in one of the holes… #handsanitizeressential


Or you can just buy it and flex with it later

DAY 5 – As Lady Gaga would say: Rain on me!

We have all been there. You are finally at your vacation. You wake up in the morning and with smile on your face you look up from the window and… it is raining! Sure the nature needs water but why while your vacation? Don’t worry! You are in Brno and we have a great time no matter the weather!

For the lucky ones with Netflix in their hotel rooms we have a simple solution. Call the room service for breakfast in bed and start to explore Brno from your temporary bed. Choose between films: The Glass Room, which tells a fictional story about real Tugendhat Villa. Or try film called The Devil’s Mistress about real story of Czech actress Lída Baarová (infamously fell in love with Goebles) in her fictional summer house played by Stiassni Villa. Well maybe watch both even if it has already stopped raining.

Lie down, relax and explore Brno through the movie screen Photo: from shooting of a film The Glass Room

If the idea of spending the entire day in bed during your vacation is not your cup of tea get yourself an umbrella and discover galleries and museums in Brno.

We definitely recommend to visit Místodržitelský palác (the Governor’s Palace) where Moravian Gallery in Brno prepared for you exhibition called Brno a Suburb of Vienna. During the exhibition you will find out that this is not another joke about Brno but actual legit nickname.

Slavnostní otevření stálé expozice Brno předměstí Vídně Brno a Suburb of Vienna Photo: archiv MG


Make your inner child happy and play the game for kids. #foreveryoung

Fans of architecture should not missed the exhibition: Architect Adolf Loos situated at Špilberk Castle made by Brno City Museum or Mies in Brno / Villa Tugendhat in Brno House of Arts.

Right under the castle technology geeks can explore bomb shelter 10-Z Bunker which is only one of the many underground sights.

10-Z fallout shelter Photo: Statutární město Brno


Want to know more about what is underneath you?


Underground reservoirs in Žlutý kopec, Author Jan Cága The water tank underneath the Žlutý kopec Photo: Jan Cága

Contemporary art can be found in TIC Galleries or Fait Gallery.

Well there is just a lot to discover in Brno so you might have to book another night or you know what you can always come back! We will be more than happy to see you in our chill, sometimes a little bit crazy, beautiful city we call Brno.



If you are a couple atleast one night in hotel Anybody is simply essential!


Day 6 – 100

As you have already found out, Brno is the most beautiful village in the Czech Republic. Still, it would be a shame not to take a trip to see the rest of the South Moravian Region while you’re here!

Trips you may like:

Znojmo – the second coolest city in the region (wine with the view at Enoteka, hipster cafés, chill)

Do Hobitína i nad vinohrady (Into the Hobitton and above Vineyards) – cool observation tower, wine, Lord of the Rings

More tips here.

South Moravia – Hobbiton – Vrbice

Do you prefer images to words? Here are some photos!

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