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An easy ride with your kids

Brno is a great place to spend a family vacation, as it has a lot of places neither kids nor their parents will get bored at. Everybody has to be satisfied, or it’s just not a vacation!

Accessible with a pram/stroller as well.

DAY 1 – Villa Tugendhat and Lužánky Park – bring a blanket!

Brno is the home of Villa Tugendhat. Everybody knows that. Don’t waste time trying to get tickets, though. First, you’re not likely to get them, as they need to be booked around six months ahead (to be honest, you could get them if you buy our BRNOPAS, but that’ll be better when you come to Brno without your kids). Second, the tour will bore your kids to death.

Take the kids to the villa’s garden, though! For a mere 50 CZK, you’ll be able to absorb plenty of the interwar atmosphere, and your kids will be able to run around and enjoy themselves. To get ready, you can read about how The Glass Room was filmed in the villa or a fun article written by one of the villa guides. A visit to the garden will take around 30 minutes.

Funkcionalistická Vila Tugendhat v Brně, památka UNESCO. Garden at Villa Tugendhat Photo: David Židlický

Then cross the garden of the adjacent Villa Löw-Beer, where Greta Tugendhat’s parents used to live, and take a pleasant walk to Lužánky, the largest park in Brno. It’s just across the road.

Park Lužánky, Jan Cága Lužánky Park Photo: Jan Cága

Lužánky is where all the people from Brno go to relax. Get a drink and an ice cream in one of the pubs and take a slow stroll through the park. Don’t forget to visit the labyrinth and pigs, throw some pebbles into the water, watch the slacklining enthusiasts, play pétanque or table tennis (if you have your own rackets), change your kids’ diapers in the Leisure Time Centre (near Lidická Street) and have the kids play in its playroom while you enjoy a cup of good coffee. Don’t forget to reach the giant, recently reconstructed, playground next to Drobného and Pionýrská Streets. A very pleasant afternoon guaranteed! If you hadn’t had enough at this point, stop by at the cat café on třída Kpt. Jaroše Street.

Park Lužánky, Jan Cága Lužánky Park Photo: Jan Cága

DAY 2 Water Park and outdoor pools

Kohoutovice Water Park

It offers everything people need to relax, have fun in the water, and enjoy some healthy physical activities, such as indoor pools, a rooftop pool with a summer terrace, a sauna, and a gym. Its popular attractions include a 90-metre water slide and a wild-water river.

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The relaxation pool features water jets, whirpool grids, and water spouts. Children who visit will enjoy a wading pool with a mushroom-shaped fountain. The aqua bar on the first floor is accessible from both the dry and wet areas and offers good coffee, desserts, sundaes, hot food, and a children’s playroom. Upon arrival, visitors are given chip watches that keep track of how much they spend, and they pay the total sum when leaving the centre.

Its architecturally interesting roof covers a big swimming pool with six lanes, so visitors interested in swimming for fitness have enough space.

Kohoutovice Waterpark in Brno Kohoutovice Water Park Photo: STAREZ - SPORT

Cow’s Hill Sport and Recreation Centre

The centre is located in the quiet area of Cow’s Hill

The indoor pool is divided into six swimming lanes, each 25 metres long, while the children’s pool is equipped with three massage jets and other features.

Visitors to the centre may relax in a whirlpool or in a steam sauna.

Kraví hora sports and recreation centre in Brno Kraví hora Swimming Pool Photo: Pavel Gabzdyl

Cow Hill park is an ideal place to relax, play sports, and enjoy picnics. There is a public barbecue set nearby and a biotope pond under the slope, not far from the functionalist Church of St Augustine. And when the wind is blowing, a lot of locals come kite flying with their kids. The hill offers beautiful views of large parts of Brno.

Cow Hill (Kraví hora) Jan Cága

Cow Hill Park

DAY 3 – City centre

While in Brno, you should definitely discover some of its sights. The city centre is rather small, so you’ll easily make it, even with babies. Besides, it’s full of fountains to refresh yourselves, cosy cafés and confectionaries, top-quality restaurants as well as fun places to take selfies at that your kids (hopefully) won’t understand yet, but will surely make your friends on social networks smile.

Get inspired by our short or long tours of the centre of Brno on our website.



nám. Svobody v Brně v létě Taking it easy on Freedom Square (náměstí Svobody), Photo: Jan Cága

As for selfies, don’t forget to take one at the clock machine (that’s the big black bullet-shaped thing) on Freedom Square (náměstí Svobody) and another under the equestrian statue of Jobst of Moravia called Courage at Moravian Square (Moravské náměstí). Then you can think of something fun to do with the statue right across the road from Jobst, nicknamed a “distrainer repossessing a washing machine”.

Also, don’t forget to buy our BRNOPAS tourist card to get free or discounted admission to lots of fun places.

Moravské náměstí - socha Jošta v Brně Moravian Square in Brno (Moravské náměstí - statue of Jobst of Moravia Photo: Roman Prachař - Pocket media s.r.o.

Make sure to let your kids see the dragon at the Old Town Hall and, while there, stop by the information centre to buy souvenirs from Brno. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how tasteful they look. The infocentre is where you can pick up a card game for the kids to have fun with or play a cipher game (for kids at least 10 years old). Don’t forget to climb up the tower to enjoy the beautiful view of the city. Not with your stroller, though.

Stará radnice v Brně - Informační centrum pod krokodýlem v Brně Old Town Hall Photo: Monika Hlaváčová - Pocket media s.r.o.

Stopping by some of the renowned local cafés, restaurants, bistros, confectionaries, beerplaces, bars, or wineries to refresh yourselves is a must. Choose the best places from our independently rated Gourmet Brno guide.


The best places to eat and drink in Brno

We reviewed the best places to eat and drink in Brno

I’d like to taste

Why not try Café Momenta on Vegetable Market (Zelný trh) with an amazing outdoor seating are and a view of the cathedral on Petrov Hill. There are small fountains nearby for the kids to have fun with while you enjoy your cup of coffee undisturbed.

Café Momenta Café Momenta, outdoor seating with a view of Vegetable Market in Brno

At the end, your walk simply has to lead to Saint James’s Square (Jakubské náměstí), as you can’t really say you’ve been to Brno if you haven’t had a beer while sitting on the ground of what is locally called Jakubak. Let your kids run around for a while and relax – it’s summer, after all. And if they start getting on everybody’s nerves, feed them some French fries or something ultrahealthy from Forky´s vegan bistro. One day, when you leave them with your parents, come back with friends and enjoy the atmosphere of true gourmet Brno with all its restaurants and bars. Definitely worth it!

Jakubské náměstí večer foto: Pavel Gabzdyl

Events in Brno

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DAY 4 – When it’s raining

Brno offers lots of attractions (not only) for rainy days.

VIDA! science centrum

At this modern centre of science, both kids and adults will have a lot of fun with the 170 exhibits. You’ll be surprised to see how much you don’t know yet and it’s scientifically proven that learning something new makes you feel good. Suitable even for very little kids, as there’s a place to ride balance bikes, play marbles or other games – simply a paradise! Make sure to book the entire morning. The place is air-conditioned, and there’s a brand new outdoor exhibition to check out if the weather is nice. With our BRNOPAS, admission is free for kids and parents receive a 20% discount.

VIDA! science centrum v Brně VIDA! Science centrum Photo: VIDA! Science centrum


If you take your kids to the largest fun park in Brno (with an area of 4,000 m2 inside and 3,700 m2 outside to play), you’re bound to remember this year’s vacation as the best one so far. Satisfaction guaranteed! The park includes a special area even for the littlest ones.

However, if you don’t enjoy riding down huge slides, wandering through an underground maze, climbing to the ceiling in rope tunnels or having fun in the outdoor water world, you’re likely to get a bit bored. And your kids will refuse to leave any time soon. If they are big enough to stay unsupervised for a while, just bring a book and dive into one of the huge bean bags.

A 20% discount on admission with the BRNOPAS tourist card.

BRUNO family park foto: BRUNO family park

You can also learn more information in a fun way at the Brno Technical Museum or at the Open Gardens.

If you’re interested in outer space, you’ll be thrilled to visit the Brno Observatory and Planetarium at Kraví Hora, located in the middle of a beautiful park.

Need more inspiration? Check out our Go To Brno With Kids tour.

Hvězdárna a planetárium Brno Brno Observatory and Planetarium Photo: Pavel Gabzdyl

DAY 5 – The Brno Dam called Prýgl and the ZOO

The “sea” of Brno is easy to reach via public transit, which is one of its many advantages. Take tram No. 1, 3 and 11 or drive to the wharf, stop by the Zlatá loď tourist information centre, and hop on a boat. There are several beaches along the way that you can get off at, and all of them are pretty cool, offering nice playgrounds, pubs, and bathrooms. We prefer Kozí horka, with easy access to the water and with a lot of attractions for kids. If you want to avoid crowds and prefer a bit of wilderness, continue to the Rokle stop.

Brněnská přehrada, Jan Cága Brno Dam Photo: Jan Cága

In recent years, the Brno Dam has been substantially reconstructed in order to improve the quality of the water and its surroundings, beaches, and facilities. Now, it’s a very pleasant place to relax, and the water is fine to swim in, even though its quality tends to drop a bit toward the end of the summer.

Brno Dam Photo: Jan Cága

Do you like the photo of the family on the sailboat on this page? You can have fun just like them if you rent one here. And if you’re not a confident sailor, you can even use the services an instructor.

Brno Dam Photo: Jan Cága

If this is too much adrenaline for you but you’d still like to enjoy the dam, rent a paddle boat, an electric boat, or a paddleboard.

Feel free to choose here or here, and you can even rent a boat in the Jundrov municipality at the Svratka River and travel up the river to the dam – it isn’t far.

Brněnská přehrada, Jan Cága Brno dam - electric boat Photo: Jan Cága

If it’s not warm enough for swimming, hop on a boat or a bus and head to the other castle of Brno – Veveří.

Another location close to the dam is the Brno Zoo with several new exhibitions as well as an amazing children’s zoo. Make sure to hop on the train there to avoid climbing the hill.

Of course, you can always combine these trips, but those of us who’ve been to a zoo with kids already will tell you that it usually takes the whole day and is pretty exhausting for parents.

Hrad Veveří v Brně na Brněnské přehradě Castle Veveří Photo: Skypix

DAY 6 – Trips to take from Brno

Have you had enough of the city? Why not discover the beauties of South Moravia.

Here are several tips for one-day trips you’ll definitely enjoy:

S koloběžkou do Znojma – ride your scooter to Znojmo

Starobylé Bítovsko s příchutí piva a středověké romantiky (The Ancient Region of Bítov with a taste of beer and Middle Age atmosphere) – jugglers and swordsmen for the kids, beer instead of wine (for a change), swimming

Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape – a chateau, a boat ride, a large park with a minaret

Slavkov u Brna – chateau – tours for kids, a beautiful park

Macocha – a boat ride in the caves – must be booked beforehand.

More tips for trips to the surroundings of Brno in our GO TO BRNO’S SURROUNDINGS (POZNEJTE OKOLÍ BRNA) tour.

Lednicko-Valtický areál, v okolí Brna, UNESCO Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape Photo: Czech tourism

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