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Snímeček, prosím? (Photo Please)

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  • 26.–27. may 2018
    2.–3. june 2018
    9.–10. june 2018

  • Výstaviště Brno
    Výstaviště 405/1
    Brno 60300

our top professional photographers and their view of the festival

In the old days, amateur photographers used to walk around and offer to immortalize families. The Re:publika festival has invited professional photographers to do the same. Eight top photographers will offer eight original points of view. They will have various focuses – they’ll create documentary, portrait, marketing, journalist, and street photos. Each photographer will approach the project with their own creative intentions, and the result will be an original photographic document – a mix of various approaches to capturing reality.


The event belongs to the RE:PUBLIKA Festival.

When the event takes place

26.–27. may 2018
2.–3. june 2018
9.–10. june 2018
16.–17. june 2018

More information and contacts

Výstaviště 405/1, 64700 Brno-střed-Pisárky, Česko


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