Rubínek kulturní dum

Simple Sharma, master of Indian classical music

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  • Rubínek kulturní dum
    Poznaňská 2561/10, Brno

Sahaja Yoga Brno cordially invites you to a concert of Indian classical music performed by Simple Sharma, outstanding singer and musician, from the city of Yamunanagar.

You will have a great opportunity to taste real India through a unique musical experience.

According to the Indian tradition, music opens the door to our inner self. Come to know yourself.

Simple Sharma learned Indian classical music for the last 15 years, and performed around the world for the last 23 years bhajans, Sufi music, qawwali and ragaas.
He’s an A grade recommended artist from All India Radio. His performances were in more than a dozen countries (USA, Germany, Austria, Dubai, Romania…).

When the event takes place

27. february 2018 - 18:00–20:00

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