Výstaviště Brno (Brno Exhibition Centre)

Příběhy fotek (Photo Stories) – unique archive of personal mementos

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  • 19. March – 31. December 2018

  • #brnoslavirepubliku

  • Výstaviště Brno (brno Exhibition Centre)
    Výstaviště 405/1
    Brno 60300

unique archive of personal mementos

This project will create a publicly accessible database of unknown family stories and connected photos. It will map stories of places, ordinary people, and large and small moments in our country’s history: stories of places we walk past every day and have no idea about their history; stories of people whose lives might be more full than the CVs of historic figures; stories of moments from the smallest joy to a visit to the grand exhibition at the Brno Exhibition Centre on the 10th anniversary of the republic.


The event belongs to the RE:PUBLIKA Festival.


Open your old photo albums or boxes of family photos and tell the stories of your grandpa and grandma, aunt and uncle, parents and siblings. We want to think about and remember those who may not have started great events, but without whom we wouldn’t have our personal history. Share your photos and mementos with us at www.republikafotky.cz. Thank you!

Pavel Anděl Pavel Anděl Creative Director of the Festival

When the event takes place

19. march–31. december 2018

More information and contacts

Výstaviště Brno
Výstaviště 405/1
Brno 60300


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