• 24. september–31. december 2017

  • Špilberk 210/1
    Brno 66224

One tribe is an art project with a story in which creatures known to most humans as goblins come alive. In their own language they are called Uruki and at the exhibition the visitors will look deeply at the everyday life of a tribe called Snaga.

The exhibition of photographs and story passages will present the tribe camp, the visitors will experience fight and hunt along with the gladiators, they will witness a mysterious ritual and with their own eyes they will see the funeral of the old shaman. If you like original fantasy novels and you would like to visit a naturalistic world of a wild tribe, then this is a show just for you.



The exhibition is not suitable for kids under 12 years.

When the event takes place

24. september–31. december 2017

More information and contacts

Špilberk 210/1
Brno 66224

+420 542 123 611