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Meeting Brno

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In 2018 Meeting Brno plans to deliver the same activities relating the topic of celebrating / recalling “Hundred Years Anniversary of Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic. 1918 – 2018.”

The festival will focus on important historical moments which for hundred years of the existence of independent Czechoslovakia and later the Czech Republic influenced the thinking of many generations. We will remember the historical milestones of the years 1918 and 1989 as well as the events of 1938? 1948 and 1968 when the Czech society was deprived of freedom and a tragic number of its citizens.


Our guests and key participants of the discussions this time will be Brno (or South-Moravian) natives who emigrated from Czechoslovakia to develop their professional and creative potential abroad. We invited writers: Milan Kundera, Věra Linhartová, Sylvie Rychterová, piano virtuoso Rudolf Firkušný´s daughter and others. We expect that the link between native and foreign guests will give us a new perspective of our history which is not as well-known especially to young generation as we would like it to be.

Discussion forums will be followed by  additional programs – author readings, theatre and film performances, music events, theme encounters and walks through Brno history.

As a part of the festival the “Pilgrimage of Reconciliation” will take place – it is a walk of reverence commemorating forced expulsion of German-speaking inhabitants from Brno in 1945. The journey starts in Pohořelice and finishes in Brno, which is the identical route of “The Death March” from May 31st 1945 only the direction is opposite as a symbol of return of the expelled citizens. This event is combined with a stay of German and Austrian students who meet and cooperate with Czech students at workshops and lectures.

The festival offers programme for high school and university students as well as adults and seniors. It is an event of intergeneration, intercultural interreligious meetings of Central European citizens.

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25. may–9. june 2018

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