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    Opletalova 1 - Hudební Fakulta JAMU, 60200 Brno

An original mix of jazz, drum´n´bass and psychedelia with lyrics in English.

Their compositions span from regular songs to purely improvised stuff, when they basically let the music spontaneously drive on in unintended directions, eventually ending up either in heavenly arcs of spiritual joy or in a roaring hell. “We do not perceive nu-jazz as a music necessarily connected with jazz in the historical sense of the word. It is more of a common ground, a starting point full of freedom and spontaneity, that is not limited by any definition of it as genre, and lets us wildly exploit our imagination.” Performances at Brussel Jazz Marathon 2012 (Belgium), Eurojazz 2011 and 2014 (Mexico), Lotos Jazz festival 2010 (Poland), Kaunas Jazz festival 2010 (Lithuania), Jazzire 2010 (Serbia). The last CD released in March 2014.

When the event takes place

27. march 2018 - 20:00–23:00

Entrance fee

Vstupné v předprodeji: 150,- Kč

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Opletalova 1 - Hudební Fakulta JAMU, 60200 Brno

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