Dark Blue festival

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  • 11. - 12.5. 2018

  • 29th year

Blind and visually impaired children and youth will meet this May in Brno for the twenty-ninth time. At the international festival they won´t only meet each other but also general public. For the Tmavomodrý festival / Dark Blue festival they are preparing a series of performances, an entertaining day for general public and the main event of the festival will be a charity concert, the earnings from which will be dedicated to one of the children.

Come and support the kids, enjoy the encryption game, check out guiding dogs or learn something about life with a handicap.

The festival takes place in co-operation with TyfloCentrum Brno, o.p.s, which provides an exhibition of works of visually impaired people, professional lectures or introduction of IT news for the visually impaired. The festival is popular among children and youth not only from the Czech Republic.

The accompanying event of the Dark Blue Festival is also the Spring Agora 2018 – professional workshops on information and communication technologies for the visually impaired, held on 12 and 13 May 2018 by the Teiresias Center of Masaryk University.

So where has gone my once perfect vision?
Everything’s disappeared beneath a dense blue cloud.
A dark blue cloud.

Jan Werich

When the event takes place

11.–12. may 2018

More information and contacts

Ilona Pawerová