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Dance Brno 100

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  • 23. May – 16. June 2018

  • #brnoslavirepubliku

  • Výstaviště Brno
    Výstaviště 405/1
    Brno 60300

unique European dance festival

For the first time in history, the largest dance ensemble exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe will be put on jointly by the national theatre ensembles of Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Austria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic (Czech National Ballet and National Theatre Brno Ballet). The festival closely follows the 25-year tradition of the Tanec Brno (Dance Brno) festival. National Theatre Brno Ballet will kick of the festival in Reduta Theatre with the premier of Amadeus MozArt. The other festival stages will be Mahen Theatre and especially Pavilion F at the Brno Exhibition Centre. It will be a truly unique event in Europe. It is the first time that all of these groups will be meeting in one place.


The event belongs to the RE:PUBLIKA Festival.

This festival is a true miracle. Gathering the top ballet ensembles of national theatres from the former Austrian Empire all in one place is a great trick which will almost certainly not be repeated for another 100 years!

Martin Glaser Martin Glaser Director of the National Theatre Brno

When the event takes place

23. may–16. june 2018

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Výstaviště Brno
Výstaviště 405/1
Brno 60300

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