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Brno Art Week

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Brno Art Week connects all of Brno´s cultural institutions and presents them to the public. The main goal of Brno Art Week is to help people to understand fine art.

This year visitors can enjoy over 50 different events e. g. exhibitions, lectures, seminars, gallery events, and creative workshops.

Brno Art Week is organized by Masaryk University and TIC Brno and cooperates with almost all of Brno´s galleries: Moravian Gallery in Brno, The House of Arts, TIC Gallery, Brno City Museum, Pitevna Gallery, Klubovna Gallery, OFF/FORMAT Gallery and other galleries at Masaryk University.

Brno Art Week will take place from March 5th until March 11th, 2018. You are very welcome to join the event. Please check the program at en.tvk-brno.cz.

When the event takes place

5.–11. march 2018

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