Tourist Route - Short Circuit

We will show you the most attractive places in Brno through two sightseeing circuits. The routes are neither long nor demanding, they do not require any tourist gear or preparations. All you have to do is look around you and listen because the city itself can tell its story to attentive visitors.
Short circuit:

  1. Old Town Hall
  2. Cabbage Market
  3. Petrov Hill
  4. Capuchin Square (Kapucínské náměstí )
  5. Roman Square (Římské náměstí)
  6. Minorite Monastery
  7. Freedom Square (Náměstí Svobody)
  8. St. James Square (Jakubské náměstí)
  9. Moravian Square (Moravské náměstí)
10. The new Town Hall


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  • Old Town Hall

    Old Town Hall

    The Old Town Hall is connected with many legends. One of them tells of the creator of the Gothic portal, master Anton Pilgram; the most well-known ones are…
  • Parnas Fountain

    Parnas Fountain

    One of the most famous fountains and one of the most important baroque sights in Brno
  • Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

    Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

    Gothic cathedral, noon bells and diocesan museum
  • Capuchin Square (Kapucínské náměstí)

    Capuchin Square (Kapucínské náměstí)

    The small Capuchin Square offers one of the most typical and most beautiful views over the Petrov spires. You can see also the Renaissance loggia of the…
  • Capuchin Monastery

    Capuchin Monastery

    Capuchin Monastery with the Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross
  • Roman Square (Římské náměstí)

    Roman Square (Římské náměstí)

    Through Františkánská Street you’ll get to the open space called Roman Square. Although everybody in Brno knows this common name, you won’t find it on the…
  • Church of St. John and Loreto

    Church of St. John and Loreto

    The Church of St. John has been an inseparable part of the city of Brno since the 13th century even if its shape was changing during centuries, especially…
  • Freedom Square (Náměstí Svobody)

    Freedom Square (Náměstí Svobody)

    The biggest and probably the oldest square in Brno, formerly called Lower Market, has still kept its original triangular shape, determined by the former…
  • Plague Pillar

    Plague Pillar

    The early Baroque pillar was built in 1679 where the Marian pillar used to be. The pillar was designed by Johann Baptist Erna in co-operation with Brno’s…
  • The Klein Palace

    The Klein Palace

    This Neo-Renaissance house was built in the years 1847–1848 for the owner of the ironworks in Sobotín. Architects Theofil Hansen and Ludwig Förster used…
  • House of the Lords of Lipá

    House of the Lords of Lipá

    The House of the Lords of Lipá near the Klein Palace ranks among the most beautiful of Brno Renaissance houses. The house with richly decorated façade and…
  • St. James’ Square (Jakubské náměstí)

    St. James’ Square (Jakubské náměstí)

    The originally very narrow street led from the Freedom Square to the space in the front of the St. James’ Church. During redevelopment of the historic…
  • St. James’ Church

    St. James’ Church

    The earliest written record of the church of St James in Brno dates back to 1228. The Romanesque church from the early 13th century was later replaced by a…
  • Moravian Square (Moravské náměstí)

    Moravian Square (Moravské náměstí)

    Similarly as in Vienna, a circular avenue was built in Brno on the site of the demolished fortification walls, together with promenade parks, presentable…
  • New Town Hall

    New Town Hall

    The former Dominican monastery from its establishment in the mid 13th century served as the House of Moravian estates. The author of Baroque alterations of…
  • The Ossuary of St. James’ Church

    The Ossuary of St. James’ Church

    "Kostnice u sv. Jakuba" is the second largest ossuary in Europe!
  • Mincmistrovský sklep (Mintmaster’s cellar)

    Mincmistrovský sklep (Mintmaster’s cellar)

    One of the oldest monuments of Brno

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