The Historical Town Center in Telč

Located in the South-West of Moravia, the town of Telč is one of the  most important Bohemian town reserves.The unique urban complex of the historical town centre was put on the UNESCO List of  World Heritage in 1992. The historical core of the town, protected by the Štěpnický and the  Ulický defence ponds and the gates of the original mural system,  has kept its distinctive character of the era of Zacharias of Hradec for centuries. The medieval royal water stronghold from the 13 th century protecting the crossroads of merchant roads got its  today ́s appearance during the 16 th century ́s reconstruction. Zacharias of Hradec, an admirer of Italian Renaisssance architecture,  had his castle residence reconstructed in the same architectonic  style and made it one of the most valuable treasures of Renaissance  architecture in Czech-speaking countries.

The historical halls of the  chateau with wooden coffered ceilings – the Blue, the Golden or the  Knight ́s Halls, make the visitor astonished with their ostentatious  decorations, period furnishing and valuable collections. The former  burgrave ́s residence houses a museum with ethnographic collections and an exhibition presenting the history of the town. A garden  designed in an interesting way and a park in English style are attached to the chateau Among the most charming attractions of the town is the town  square lined by a unique complex of historical houses built on narrow and far-into-background-running sites of original wooden  houses destroyed by a 14 th -century fire. The typical arcades of the  houses were being built during the 15 th century. The Renaissance  facades of the houses appeared in the 16 th century but a lot of  them were gradually adapted so that the majority show features  of Baroque and subsequent architectonic styles. The town square is  adorned by two fountains and a Marian Column built in 1720. The oldest architectonic sight of the town is the 49 m tall, late-Romansque tower of the Holy Spirit from the early13 th century. The  adjacent church was rebuilt in the end of the 15 th century in Gothic  style. The relics of the late-Gothic bulwark with the Great and the  Small Gates close the South-Eastern border of the town. Other places  of interest in Telč are the area of the former Jesuitic College with the  Church of Jesus ́ Name and the parish church of St. James, the foundation stones of which were laid in the 14 th century. 

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