The Technical museum in Brno

The Technical museum in Brno is the largest technical museum at Moravia. Actual exhibitions are announcing on museums site.

(TMB below) is an allowance organization with its own legal subjectivity. It is directly managed by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

It performs scientific, cultural, edifying, methodical and collection functions, especially in Moravia and Silesia, although some of its involvements have global scope.

It presents the collections by means of various exhibitions and expositions that are organized internally or in co-operation with other institutions. TMB holds conferences and lectures, develops editing programs and actions, works with the public and devotes time to children and juveniles. The Museum fulfills its scientific aims by means of an original scientific research and museum documentation in fields of its interests. It also elaborates expert reports and recommendations, scientific background research and expert examinations, helps with students’ technical education by organization of students’ practical education and working experience, it also supervises bachelors’ and masters’ thesis. In addition, the museum provides education in museology, conservation and restoring (in co-operation with universities and scientific departments). It also grants permission to export cultural landmarks according to the corresponding law and files proposals to declare these objects national landmarks. The museum borrows collections for educational and exhibition purposes, secures volunteer activities especially by the means of Kruh přátel TMB (The guild of technical museum friends).

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