The Mitrovskych summer pavilion

The Villa was built by Freeman Antonín Arnošt Mitrovský next to the Augustinian cloister at the end of the 18th century (1779-1794), in the fashionable decorative baroque style of Louis XVI.. It served as a garden gambling house for the Counts of Mitrovský.


A variety of events used to take place in the Villa (one of its events- a grand balls was visited by Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Emperor). In the 19th century a number of theater performances also took place here during the summer.

During World War II the Villa was used as a kindergarten. Between 1978 – 87 additional buildings were added consisting of various staff and meeting rooms. For the last 20 years the Villa has been used only occasionally for exhibitions and events.


The architecture and especially the small ornaments are constructed axially. The building has a rectangular layout with an oval central hall and two side wings. The original architect of this building is unknown due to a lack of historical evidence. However, the design has been attributed to one or more of the following names: F. A. Hillebrandt, I. Canavele, G. Nigelli, J. Henrizzi, O. Schweigl, K. Rudczinský.


According to a written inheritance order, the furnishings consisted of “a big table and 24 chairs, a gaming table, a sofa, a small table, a writing table and numerous lawn chairs. ” All furniture was painted in white and green colour combinations. The walls were also painted white and green. The central hall was decorated with a fresco mural depicting a landscape full of tree and plant motives.  

Dynasty Mitrovský

Antonín Arnošt Mitrovský came form the Hungarian line of the dynasty. He was born in 1735 in Banska Štiavnica. Later he had a function in the military as ‘Oberstleutnant’, ‘Second-Obrist’ and ‘Major – General’ - he also obtained the Order of the Sisters of St Elizabeth. In 1766 he became a chamberlain. After an injury he was forced to retire and took up residence in Brno, where he actively participated in the city’s social life. He was involved with a reform of an Aristocratic Academy and was also active in the Masonic Lodge of Salm. He died in 1833.

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