Programme for those who want to know all aspects of Brno and its surroundings

It is a city with a cosmopolitan and friendly atmosphere offering a variety of leisure activities for the day and night. South Moravia is a region of sunshine, wine, good food and still living folklore. It is worthwhile to stay here as long as you can and enjoy not only the beauty and hospitality of the city but also its surroundings.

You will manage a visit the historical centre of Brno in a couple of hours and still have plenty of time left to explore other attractions. You will experience something unusual while exploring “Brno under Brno” – the Labyrinth of under the Cabbage Market, Ossuary at St. James church and Mintmaster’s Cellar. Many local buildings of all purposes are exquisite examples of functionalism and modern architecture. While touring the city of Brno you should not miss the gem of modern architecture, which is the Tugendhat Villa registered on UNESCO World Heritage List since 2001.

In Brno you can visit dozens of art galleries and museums that attract with their art exhibitions as well as interactive exhibitions of technology, discovery of prehistoric life, historical and religious monuments. After sunset you can entertain yourself in theatres, concert halls and clubs. Modern multiplex as well as classical cinemas invite you to view their shows.

If you want a break from the bustle of the city, in just a little while you will find yourself in a totally different world – within arm’s reach there is a recreational area of the Brno reservoir with vast forests and a number of attractive tourist areas. The Veveří castle is one of the most popular destinations and so is the nearby zoo. The whole city and its surroundings are interwoven with a network of cycling paths and inline skating tracks. You can also walk and stretch your legs in the beautiful city parks.
If you want to enjoy more than the beauty of monuments, enter one of the stylish restaurants, pubs, wine bars and cafés and try the local specialities, good beer and wine.

It would be a shame to come to Brno and not see the South Moravian country. If wine is the symbol of South Moravia, you can visualise the five tourist areas as a spread vine leaf, a magical pentagon of attractions from which you will definitely find something of interest: the battlefield of Austerlitz with its surroundings, Moravian Karst and Tišnov region, Znojmo region and the Dyje river basin, Lednice-Valtice Area, Moravian Slovakia.


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  • Brno Reservoir

    Brno Reservoir

    “Prygl”, as Brno Reservoir is called even today in the local slang, was constructed in the years 1936-40, by afloating of the Kníničky village. The lake…
  • The Ossuary of St. James’ Church

    The Ossuary of St. James’ Church

    "Kostnice u sv. Jakuba" is the second largest ossuary in Europe!
  • Mincmistrovský sklep (Mintmaster’s cellar)

    Mincmistrovský sklep (Mintmaster’s cellar)

    One of the oldest monuments of Brno
  • Villa Tugendhat

    Villa Tugendhat

    The only examplar of Modern architecture in the Czech Republic recorded on the UNESCO
  • Špilberk Castle

    Špilberk Castle

    The castle was founded in the middle of 13th century by the Czech king Přemysl Otakar II. In the middle of 14th century under the reign of Jan Jindřich and…
  • New Town Hall

    New Town Hall

    The former Dominican monastery from its establishment in the mid 13th century served as the House of Moravian estates. The author of Baroque alterations of…
  • Old Town Hall

    Old Town Hall

    The Old Town Hall is connected with many legends. One of them tells of the creator of the Gothic portal, master Anton Pilgram; the most well-known ones are…
  • Dietrichstein Palace

    Dietrichstein Palace

    In one of the permanent exhibitions of the Moravian Museum situated in Dietrichstein Palace in the Vegetable Market you will find remarkable displays…
  • Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

    Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

    Gothic cathedral, noon bells and diocesan museum
  • St. James’ Church

    St. James’ Church

    The earliest written record of the church of St James in Brno dates back to 1228. The Romanesque church from the early 13th century was later replaced by a…
  • St. Thomas Church

    St. Thomas Church

    This former Augustinian monastery was founded in the year 1350 by the margrave Jan Jindřich Lucemburský, brother of Emperor Charles IV, and his son Jošt.…
  • Museum of Applied Arts

    Museum of Applied Arts

    The museum houses a permanent exhibition of applied arts from the Middle Ages to the present day, comprised of collections of glass, ceramics and…
  • Brno House of Arts

    Brno House of Arts

    Although its current focus is primarily on contemporary art, it has been an integral part of Brno’s cultural life for almost 100 years.
  • Freedom Square (Náměstí Svobody)

    Freedom Square (Náměstí Svobody)

    The biggest and probably the oldest square in Brno, formerly called Lower Market, has still kept its original triangular shape, determined by the former…
  • National Theatre Brno - Janáček Theatre

    National Theatre Brno - Janáček Theatre

    A stage of the National Theatre Brno
  • National Theatre Brno - Mahen Theatre

    National Theatre Brno - Mahen Theatre

    A stage of the National Theatre Brno
  • National Theatre Brno - Reduta Theatre

    National Theatre Brno - Reduta Theatre

    A stage of the National Theatre Brno
  • Brno City Theatre

    Brno City Theatre

    You need only enter the new theatre courtyard from Lidická Street in Brno through the main gateways, and you will immediately find yourself in another world.
  • Goose on a String Theatre

    Goose on a String Theatre

    Leading Czech experimental theatre.
  • HaDivadlo


    HaDivadlo is an alternative theatre ensemble with a long tradition and a specific view of the world.
  • Cinema Art

    Cinema Art

    Pleasant cinema, where have comes to their lover of film classics and noncommercial art films. After the performance in a renovated hall can visit a pleasant…
  • Cinema Lucerna

    Cinema Lucerna

    Cinema, which can create the atmosphere almost like at home.
  • Cinema Scala

    Cinema Scala

    Brno's biggest cinema hall with a capacity of nearly five hundred spectators with the necessary balcony.
  • Multiplex Cinema City Velký Špalíček

    Multiplex Velký Špalíček was opened in August 2001 and due to its location in the city center significantly expands the range of leisure activities.
  • Multiplex Cinema City Olympia

    The Cinema City Olympia multiplex is the second most visited multiplex in the Czech Republic.
  • Fléda


    Music club with all kind of music and cultural events.
  • The cultural centre Semilasso

    The cultural centre Semilasso

    The cultural centre Semilasso is the hearth of cultural life of the north Brno, czech and international leading artists organize concerts here. You can also…
  • Stará pekárna

    Stará pekárna

    The Old Bakery is a club and pub with almost daily range of interesting concerts noncommercial and minority groups. Jazz, blues, rock, groove, ethnic,…
  • Šelepova N°1

    Šelepova N°1

    Legendary club and restaurant, one of the oldest in Czech Republic. They organize cultural events, rock, jazz koncerts, dance party, oldies party and many…
  • Brno Observatory and Planetarium

    Brno Observatory and Planetarium

    Fly into space, look into the microworld, discover the secret of life, immerse yourself into the realm of fantasy, partially reveal the future and live a…
  • Zoo Brno

    Zoo Brno

    The Brno City Zoological Garden is situated on 41,2 hectares of forested slopes on the outskirts of the Moravian metropolis Brno. The Zoological Garden of…
  • Jurkovič House

    Jurkovič House

    The Jurkovič House is among the many fine examples of architecture created in Brno around the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Veveří Castle

    Veveří Castle

    The surroundings of the Brno Dam with forests and many attractive nooks are an ideal destination for hikers and cyclists. One of the most popular places is…
  • Sono centrum

    Sono centrum

    SONO MUSIC CLUB - A luxurious music club
  • Stopkova plzeňská pivnice

    The famous Stopkova plzeňská pivnice (Stopkova Pilsen pub) offers fantastic Pilsner Urquell tapped directly from beer tanks. The pleasant atmosphere of the…

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