Programme for lovers of good food and drink

This area is a region of vineyards and wine. Of the ten Moravian wine regions nine are situated in the South Moravian Region and in each of them you will find a unique atmosphere and culinary experience. In Brno you can taste wine in the cosy wine bars or cafés with a relaxed atmosphere.

The Černá Hora brewery which produces several types of beer and soft drinks with hops makes its beer with high quality artesian water. You can visit this brewery on bicycle following a special cycling route Brno – Černá Hora. Brno Starobrno brewery is successful even in international markets, for example it is Sweden's most popular Czech beer. Come and taste the true Brno “škopek” and discover the secrets of beer brewing at a tour of the brewery.

Genuine culinary delights await you in Brno restaurants and stylish pubs where you can find out, among other things, that “Brno Dragon” is not just the stuffed one hung in the passage of the Old Town Hall.

Do you like to feel like a local when you explore a new city? Do you wish to visit the popular places that are not included in the guidebooks? Are you interested to know where the local people take their time off? In such case the Feel Local in Brno guide is the just the thing for you.

Outstanding chefs will give you extraordinary experiences at festivals dedicated to food (Špilberk Food Festival and Jídlo zblízka (from farm to fork) festival). The Festival at the centre of the action will feature a month full of taste, aroma and experiences in the city centre. During the festival you can enjoy the food at the Celebrations of Food, Beer and Wine.
Farmers markets have become a regular part of our shopping routine. The reasons are clear, one wants to buy fresh high quality Czech products from the farmers and breeders. Many healthy food and farm product shops also offer good quality ingredients for your meals in Brno.

Come to Brno and South Moravia – enjoy it!


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  • Koishi


    Sushi made by a Japanese master chef. Quality fish, fresh oysters, rich desserts and home-grown herbs; a harmony of food and wine in a pleasant atmosphere.…
  • Pavillon Restaurant

    Pavillon Restaurant

    Have lunch in a functionalist-inspired café where the chefs are not afraid of novel combinations and are ready to experiment with the most exciting of the…
  • Borgo Agnese

    Borgo Agnese

    A restaurant specialising in Mediterranean cuisine places great emphasis on the freshness of the dishes it serves and uses seasonal ingredients which are…
  • Palazzo Restaurant

    Palazzo Restaurant

    Smell the aroma of stewed lamb, juicy fi sh or the chocolate of homemade desserts in this elegant hotel restaurant. The abovestandard services cannot be…
  • Castellana Trattoria

    Castellana Trattoria

    In this restaurant established by an Italian, enjoy homemade focaccia, prosciutto and delicious homemade pasta. Order some wine with the meal – it is…
  • Restaurant La Bouchée

    Restaurant La Bouchée

    Be delighted by the aromas of French homemade cuisine. Lamb is sourced directly from the White Carpathians. The mature local beef, organic pork, and poultry…
  • Retro Consistorium - restaurant

    Retro Consistorium - restaurant

    Fancy both a good meal and a quality drink? Try the lunch menu on the first floor, and after sweets from Dolce Passione go downstairs to choose from 220…
  • Coffee Fusion

    Coffee Fusion

    At Coffee Fusion coffee lovers can fully indulge. Try and choose coffee from two different coffee grinders and savour a heavenly cake which will be served…
  • SKØG


    A coffee shop that will transport you north. But don’t be afraid of the cold, on the contrary, look forward to warm service and order a cappuccino, latte,…
  • Kafec


    Specialty coffee, filters, waffles and desserts made directly on site. A breakfast menu is on offer and also fresh sandwiches with homemade bread. Come and…
  • Punkt.


    Specialty coffee from Czech and foreign roasters for espresso and filter coffee. Add to this honest homemade desserts and seating in the best garden in Brno…
  • ERA Café

    ERA Café

    Are you a fan of functionalism? So when you leave Villa Tugendhat go straight to Café Era. Top-quality service and traditionally prepared Italian…
  • Lokál u Caipla

    Lokál u Caipla

    Enjoy the taste of carefully brewed beer, which will conquer even the fire from the mouth of the Brno dragon on the walls of the pub! It is also worth…
  • Výčep Na stojáka

    Výčep Na stojáka

    The pub that transformed James’s Square into the Brno riviera. The bartender nimbly pulls the beer with a smooth head, which the regulars drink “na stojáka”…
  • Zelená kočka Pivárium

    Zelená kočka Pivárium

    Nine original types of beer and the right glass for each, poured at the ideal temperature and with a smooth, compact head. A visit to Zelená kočka (Green…
  • Pivovarská Starobrno

    Pivovarská Starobrno

    A brewery and restaurant full of the pure bitter taste of beer served at the right temperature – a truly refreshing Starobrno beer. The delicate duck or the…
  • Pegas


    A pub with its own brewery welcomes regulars and tourists in the busy city centre. It offers tasty and distinctive beers accompanied by well-prepared…
  • Retro Consistorium - wine bar

    Retro Consistorium - wine bar

    Fancy both a good meal and a quality drink? Try the lunch menu on the first fl oor, and after sweets from Dolce Passione go downstairs to choose from 220…
  • Garage Wine

    Garage Wine

    You can look forward to excellent wine in original blown glasses which you can buy in GARAGE Wine. You are certainly welcome here for an organised tasting…
  • PETIT CRU wine bar & shop

    PETIT CRU wine bar & shop

    Experienced staff and a refined choice of international wines; from around 500 types you can taste around 50 every day. Regular events are managed by…
  • Kohout NA VÍNĚ - restaurant

    Kohout NA VÍNĚ - restaurant

    Kohout NA VÍNĚ (Coq au Vin) offers over 200 wines, mostly natural. The seasonal cuisine is known for its quality ingredients. The coq au vin is prepared to…
  • Cukrářství Bukovský

    Cukrářství Bukovský

    Homemade confectionary products created with passion for your sweet tooth. Daily fresh desserts, gateaux, canapés and further delicacies with a unique taste…
  • Cukrářství Martinák

    Cukrářství Martinák

    Sticking to original proven recipes while occasionally adding a drop of their own invention, this confectionary uses best quality ingredients. Gateaux and…
  • Cukrárna Kolbaba

    Cukrárna Kolbaba

    The cakes and desserts made on site using only the highest quality ingredients, including real fresh whipped cream, will perfectly satisfy the taste buds.…
  • Bar, který neexistuje

    Bar, který neexistuje

    But of course it does exist! It is a bar with magazine for a menu. A bar in which drinks are premium distilled beverages blended with homemad ingredients. A…
  • Rotor bar

    Rotor bar

    Rotor bar is a mysterious place with a unique atmosphere. Quality coffee from several European roasters, quality natural wines, rare whisky and classic…
  • Cubana


    Looking for paradise full of Latin rhythms, sunny atmosphere and drinks with top quality rum? You will find it at Cubana, where your head will spin at the…
  • Spirit Bar

    Spirit Bar

    Cocktails. Homemade lemonades. Milkshakes and smoothies. Steampressured coffee extraction. Excellent desserts. All these in the relaxed Spirit Bar.

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