Programme for families with children

One of the most popular destinations is the zoo which you can connect with a cruise on the Brno reservoir all the way to the Veveří castle.

Not only children but also adults like to indulge in water fun. In Brno you will find many modern swimming pools and a water park. Those who prefer swimming in natural pools can visit the Riviera swimming area, or have a swim in the Brno reservoir.

If the kids have energy to spare they can go to one of the entertainment centres or ropes courses.

Sporty families will surely appreciate the well maintained network of cycling paths, inline skating tracks and marked hiking trails.

If you want to shield from the burning sunrays or, on the contrary, from the rain, visit one of the museums and galleries, explore the historic area of the Špilberk castle or the Brno underground. You can unleash your imagination in the freshly renovated Observatory and Planetarium.

Embark upon a journey in the world of fairy tales and stories in one of the theatres for children or at Brno cinemas showing films for children.

The great day can have a sweet ending in one of the children cafés. 


Please select one of marked points on the map.

  • Zoo Brno

    Zoo Brno

    The Brno City Zoological Garden is situated on 41,2 hectares of forested slopes on the outskirts of the Moravian metropolis Brno. The Zoological Garden of…
  • Veveří Castle

    Veveří Castle

    The surroundings of the Brno Dam with forests and many attractive nooks are an ideal destination for hikers and cyclists. One of the most popular places is…
  • Brno Reservoir

    Brno Reservoir

    “Prygl”, as Brno Reservoir is called even today in the local slang, was constructed in the years 1936-40, by afloating of the Kníničky village. The lake…
  • Anthropos Pavilion

    Anthropos Pavilion

    A unique museum documenting the oldest history of settlement in Moravia and on the whole European continent. The attention of children and adults is drawn…
  • The Technical museum in Brno

    The Technical museum in Brno

    The Technical museum in Brno is the largest technical museum at Moravia. Actual exhibitions are announcing on museums site.
  • Mendelianum (Science Center)

    Mendelianum (Science Center)

    Attractive World of Genetics
  • Brno Observatory and Planetarium

    Brno Observatory and Planetarium

    Fly into space, look into the microworld, discover the secret of life, immerse yourself into the realm of fantasy, partially reveal the future and live a…
  • Bongo


    The unique entertainment park for the whole family.

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