Pálava and the Lednice-Valtice Composed Area

The southernmost part of Moravia is dominated by a group of hills called Pálava. It is a treasury of heat-loving flora, inhabited by numerous interesting animals, with two romantic ruined castles and an unusual karst cave to be visited. An all-day trip may end in the picturesque town of Mikulov with a glass of the renowned Moravian wine from the local vineyards. Three large rivers flow through the flatland between Pálava and the small town of Pohořelice in the north, feeding the system of Nové Mlýny reservoirs and Pohořelice ponds. The hilly environs of the town of Hustopeče is a rich mosaic of fields, orchards, vineyards, and extensive oak woods. Although both these landscapes have their specific charm, they cannot be compared to the area called Lednice-Valtice Complex. Here, where the noble Liechtenstein family resided for centuries, people managed to create a lovely park-style landscape, unparalleled in Central Europe with its extent and the number of preserved decorative structures. The complex has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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