My car has disappeared/the wheel is clamped

You arrive to your parking place, your hands are full of shopping bags and your car is nowhere to be seen? First make sure that this is where you really parked your car because forgetting where you left it also happens from time to time.

If your car has really disappeared, call the Czech Republic Police at 158 and they will tell you what to do.

Did you park your car where you should not have and it was an obstacle to traffic? In such a case, your car could have been towed. If this has happened, please call 158 and police officers will look into the database and find out if your car is in the care of a towing service.

Has your car received a fetching red clamp? You probably parked it in the wrong place... Do not panic, the main thing is that the car is all right and in its proper place.

On the window at the driver’s side you will find a sticker with instructions:

Call the control centre of the technical service at 543 566 420 or 543 566 421

The application and removal of the clamp is done at the instruction of the Brno  City Police and at your expense. You will receive a parking fine.

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