The Memorial is situated in the garden house next to the Organ School, where the world famous composer lived in 1910-1928. It its interior visitors can see the original study of the composer with his piano.

When instruction began at the organ school in Chleborád’s villa in 1908, its headmaster Leoš Janáček lived in Old Brno, quite far away from the school. It was therefore decided that the Union for the promotion of religious music in Moravia would build a small house for the headmaster in the Chleborád’s villa garden replacing a wooden stable. The house was built by architect Alois Horák and the composer with his wife and maid moved in in May 1910. At the time Janáček was 56 years old and in the new rather comfortable dwelling he composed all his master works, operas The Excursions of Mr. Brouček, Káťa Kabanová, The Cunning Little Vixen, The Makropulos Affair and From the House of the Dead, the Taras Bulba rhapsody for orchestra, orchestral song Sinfonietta and the cantata Glagolitic Mass. Here, “in the quiet outskirts of Brno” as Max Brod put it, Janáček spent the last 18 years of his life that were incredibly fruitful. Today the house is the seat of Leoš Janáček Memorial of the Moravian Museum. It features exhibitions as well as the preserved original study of Master Leoš Janáček with his Ehrbar piano which he was given as a wedding gift and composed most of his works on it.

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