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  • Brno Observatory and Planetarium

    Brno Observatory and Planetarium

    Fly into space, look into the microworld, discover the secret of life, immerse yourself into the realm of fantasy, partially reveal the future and live a…
  • Brno Reservoir

    Brno Reservoir

    “Prygl”, as Brno Reservoir is called even today in the local slang, was constructed in the years 1936-40, by afloating of the Kníničky village. The lake…
  • VIDA! science center

    VIDA! science center

    Science amusement park for the whole family.
  • Automotodrom Brno

    Automotodrom Brno

    Brno circuit, also known as Masaryk Circuit, with more than eighty years of history offers to Brno an important position in the world of Motorsports.
  • Mendelianum (Science Center)

    Mendelianum (Science Center)

    Attractive World of Genetics
  • The Technical museum in Brno

    The Technical museum in Brno

    The Technical museum in Brno is the largest technical museum at Moravia. Actual exhibitions are announcing on museums site.
  • Zoo Brno

    Zoo Brno

    The Brno City Zoological Garden is situated on 41,2 hectares of forested slopes on the outskirts of the Moravian metropolis Brno. The Zoological Garden of…
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