Found Luggage and Luggage Storage

Storage Facilities at the Railway Station
Storage facilities, lockers, bicycle storage and found luggage services are available at a fee for a limited period of time at certain railway stations operated by Czech Rail (ČD).
Period of storage
You can store luggage for a maximum of 40 days. After this storage period has elapsed, unclaimed luggage is opened for purposes of determining the identity of the depositor. If luggage displays signs that its contents are undergoing decay, however, it can be 48 hours after being turned in.
Bicycle storage facilities
Bicycle storage is possible at 120 bicycle storage facilities throughout the Czech Republic. If you travel regularly with a bicycle, you can also take advantage of special storage rates (by the week or by the month) and save time on administration necessary for using the storage facility. We also accept children’s prams and motorcycles at these storage facilities.

Czech Rail Customer Support
Phone: +420 840 112 113
Zvonarka Central bus station (main Building)
If you need to store luggage during your visit to the city, it is possible to lock your posessions at the luggage storage centre at the Zvonařka central bus station located in the main building of the station. Luggage can be stored for up to 30 days. Priices vary according to luggage weight (daily prices: luggage up to 15 kg = 15 CZK, luggage up to 25 kg = 25 CZK. For luggage heavier than 25 kg 5 CZK is added for every 5 kg).
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri   05:00 am - 10:15 pm
Sat-Sun 05:15 am - 10:15 pm
Telephone: +420  543 163 397

+420 543 163 111

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