The Slavkov – Austerlitz Chateau

A Baroque pearl of Moravia, close to Brno. In 2008, the castle was included in the list of national cultural monuments. Besides the guided tour of the castle, we offer a whole series of additional services and events. We believe you will repeat your visit of the Slavkov castle, its gardens as well as the town of Slavkov.

The Castle of Slavkov ranks among the oldest well-preserved manors in Moravia. According to written sources, the history of the present Baroque castle began in the 13th century, at that time there was the commandery of Teutonic Knights Order. During the reign of Ulrich III, at the end of the 16th century, a new Renaissance castle was built upon the older foundations based on a four-winged ground plan with arcades and a huge prismatic tower.
The aristocratic family of Kaunitz was in possession of both the castle and the whole manor of Slavkov for more than four centuries. Dominik Ulrich Kaunitz from Kounice initiated the Baroque reconstruction of the Kaunitz Renaissance residence at the end of the 17th century. The task was entrusted to the Italian architect Domenico Martinelli from Lucca. The author of fresco paintings was Andrea Lanzani who cooperated with stucco master Santino Bussi. Sculptures in the castle as well as in the park were created by Giovanni Giuliani.The current owner is the City of Slavkov. The Castle of Slavkov was declared a national cultural monument in 2008. The park at Slavkov castle, with a couple of pools and sculptures made by Giovanni Giuliani, are both integral parts of the whole castle area. There is also a 6-hole golf course in the back side of the park.

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