Archbishop Chateau and Gardens in Kroměříž

The Archbishop Chateau in Kroměříž with its complex of beautiful  gardens was entered on the UNESCO List of World Heritage in 1998. The origin and development of the earlier castle and later chateau,  which were used as bishop and archbishop residences, is closely  connected with the history of the Archbishopric in Olomouc. There used to be an ancient fortified settlement on the site of the contemporary chateau even in the time of the Great Moravian Empire.

A Gothic castle was built in its place in the 13 th century. In the  beginning of the 16 th century it was rebuilt in Renaissance style. It  was heavily damaged by the Swedish army during the Thirty Years ́  War. Bishop Karl II. of Liechtenstein-Kastelkorn decided to replace it  by an ostentatious early-Baroque palace. The chateau interiors are richly decorated. A large number of origi - nal period furniture and art collections have been preserved until  today. Worth seeing are the throne hall, the assembly hall, the vassal hall as well as the hunting hall, the tsar hall and the old library.  The chateau library can boast paintings by prominent European  painters of the 15 th –18 th centuries. Represented are masters such as  Tizian, Lucas Cranach Senior, Hans von Aachen, Paolo Veronese or  Jan Brueghel Senior. The local collection of paintings is the second  most valuable of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Attached to the chateau is the beautiful Podzámecká zahrada (the  Garden under the Chateau) and the breath-taking French-style  Květná zahrada (the Flower Garden) with an exceptionally valuable  historical park architecture. The Garden under the Chateau originally supplied the chateau with  fresh vegetables and flowers. Later it was set in Renaissance and Baroque styles to be turned into a 64-hectare romantic English park in  the 19 th century. The Flower Garden in its geometrically symetrical  shape has a square and a circle mazes nad walls of trimmed trees  and bushes. The visitors will also be attracted by the Lion Fountain and the Tritone Fountain.   

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